Swedol to expand their AutoStore

Swedol has ordered an expansion of their AutoStore. The investment will expand the storage capacity, improve productivity and increase flexibility in their inventory management.
A contract has been signed with Element Logic and includes an extension of the aluminium grid, robots and ports for picking and placing. The investment amounts to approximately SEK 11 million. Construction and installation will take place during spring and summer 2015.

Made for e-commerce

E-commerce has come of age. Long gone are the days when online-shops offered niche products to a handful of early adopters. Today, depending on the industry, up to 75% of all sales are made online. With two-digit growth rates, no business, from book shops to fashion boutiques, food stores to electronics, can afford to leave the online playing field to the competition.

AutoStore, a warehouse robot system.

AutoStore is a unique world-wide patented warehouse system proven to be the ideal small-goods handler for any warehouse, old or new.With standardized boxes stacked in a cube, it is easily the most space-efficient goods-to-man system on the market and can double storing capacity without increasing footprint. AutoStore is a product by Hatteland, and is sold via a global multi-distribution network.