Smart Expo 2015 Melbourne

The Smart Expo is a valuable source of information for supply chain leaders and in 2015 Swisslog will again be taking part in this event to present our warehouse and distribution solutions.

Same-day Delivery

Today, same-day delivery is on top of the agenda again. While last year next-day delivery was a powerful and unique selling point, 2015 may very be the year that same day delivery will become the new benchmark.

AutoStore, a warehouse robot system.

AutoStore is a unique world-wide patented warehouse system proven to be the ideal small-goods handler for any warehouse, old or new.With standardized boxes stacked in a cube, it is easily the most space-efficient goods-to-man system on the market and can double storing capacity without increasing footprint. AutoStore is a product by Hatteland, and is sold via a global multi-distribution network.